Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance Desktop

With our lightning fast remote assistance desktop software, we will connect and resolve your computer issues quickly and efficiently.

Throughout the session, you’ll be able to see everything that’s being done and you’ll even chat with our knowledgeable and friendly staff while they perform the necessary operations to get your machine back on track. We will answer any queries you may have while working on your system.


At Inventive, we take your security seriously. Our remote software uses an equivalent encryption as that found in on-line banking. This ensures that your information and files are safe throughout the remote support session.

Once the session is over, we disconnect from your machine and our software fully uninstalls from your computer. We cannot access your computer once more unless you allow us to.



Our company offers a full set of on-line services that include:

  • Virus removal
  • Computer tune up’s
  • Software error fixes and much more



Please note that during the secure Remote Assistance session we can temporarily control your mouse and keyboard; you maintain control over your machine and can either disconnect the session or take control from the technician at any time. We guarantee that your privacy and security will never be compromised during the session.

We also provide a full line of SEO and website development services. We service the individual user as well as small and medium businesses.