Search Engine Optimization

Is your website not getting the attention it deserves?

Is your site not getting the attention it deserves from search engines? You’re not alone – it’s a very common problem that can be averted with Search Engine Optimization.

Some of the most common complaints include:

  • Potential customers can’t find your website
  • Competitors rank higher than you for searches relating to your products
  • Your site has been submitted to search engines, but it is not listed
  • Your site receives very little or no traffic from search engines


Submissions to Over 100 Powerful Listings

Your business is submitted every month to over 100 powerful listings including top search engines, top search directories, GPS devices, mobile and social sites. This ensures your business gets exposure online and local visibility.

Your Business Included in Google® Places Mobile Application

Your business will appear on every mobile phone that has a Google Places™ mobile application. This makes it easy for mobile users to find your business and easily submit reviews of your business through their mobile phone.


Monthly Submissions to Search Engines and Local Directories

We make certain the major search engines and local directories always have your most up to date information and freshest content. Your website is submitted each and every month to over 100 of the major search engines and local directories.


Ongoing Monthly Services

Your company will benefit from our services during one full year with locked in monthly fees. This will insure you receive the best service for the best price. All within your budget.